The Grounding.

                                         The grounding.
Robins start to sing and chirp more.
The ground is less frozen and more muddy.
The sun is rising earlier and setting later.
Green buds and leaflike structures are sprouting up.
And there is this rodent that according to the town of Punxsutawney makes the decision on the final 6 weeks of winter.
His name is Phil. 
As a rodent I think Phil is undecided .
Remember Phil can’t talk.
Phil is looking for food.
Don’t tell me that the man with the top hat and suit doesn’t have some sort of snack for Phil.
Shadow or not.
Phil is a hungry rodent who is interested more in the pleasure of partaking snacks then shadows.
Just like meteorologists even if Phil is wrong with weather or winter everyone still gets paid.
Snacks or money.
Shadows or not.
Winter is here but won’t stay for long.
According to the Robins who are singing along.