When my kids were real little and we needed a break to the great outdoors that involved looking at animals but not as far as the Philly Zoo, we would venture out to the Upper Schuylkill Valley Park on Black Rock Road.
They housed and fed wild animals that were injured and could not go back into the wild.
There was a bear, deer, wolves, donkeys, chickens,foxes, hawks and owls.
There was also an American crow named Scrappy.
I’d imagine Scrappy got the nickname because crows are scavengers and will eat scraps of garbage.
Scrappy would caw and bobble back and forth as if he was saying hello.
I’d say that he was the highlight of my visit and full of personality.
Crows get a bad rap.
While they may not have the sweet dainty voice of a songbird, they are social and smart problem -solvers.
They thrive around humans and can remember a face.
Crows form flocks and are known to not fear owls nor hawks.
Sadly they are susceptible to West Nile Virus.
I haven’t been to the park in quite awhile but I’d imagine Scrappy had a good life and didn’t need to forage for "Scraps".
The oldest crow they say lived 16 years.
Lets hope Scrappy broke that record.