Back from lunch.

                                          Back from lunch.
Imagine hundreds of matchbox cars in a baby pool.
All trying desperately to move out of the pool and not going in the same direction.
Cars turning into each other... hoping another car stops moving so they can move forward.
This is the best way I can explain L.A. traffic...
Especially when you have your mind set on going to get takeout at and In and Out Burger right at lunchtime where there is a Super Costco attached to the lot.
We have traffic on the East Coast yes.
Lots of cars and people and 3 lanes each way.
Highways and byways.
Patterns of traffic and congestion can be predictable.
Expect delays in the morning and the evening.
During commute times or accidents etc.
Los Angelos has usually 6 or more lanes of traffic going each way.
Whether the 405 or the 101 or any…. lets just say all roads will have traffic.
The only predictability is that if you partake in driving a motor will always be stuck in it.
There is no other way to get to where you need to go unless you drive in California.
Assume that most that reside on the West Coast have at least 2-3 vehicles or more per household.
These vehicles are of varying sizes as there is space and lots of garages.
Cars seemingly move at a snails pace as we know everyone in town is going somewhere.
The weather in L.A. is usually sunny and bright. No complaints about slick roads to maneuver, no snow drifts, or hail or ice.
The main thing you need to watch for is…. the other drivers.
I’ve never quite seen a car actually turn into you like a slow moving bumper car, calling your bluff as if to say move it or I’ll hit you!
Sure yeah, on the east coast we have horns. They are loud and we sure do use them.
This is welcomed passive aggressiveness in L.A. ...on top of tinted windows and sunglasses gazing at the sun..turning into your car is merely a mirage to them.
Somehow through all the craziness we managed to get out of the grips of the madness in the lot without a scratch.
We found another In and Out burger down the street and instead of maneuvering in the car and through the drive- through,
we surprised ourselves by doing what we do best on the East Coast.
We parked the car, got out, and walked in and waited in line.
No bumper to bumper.
No traffic.
Just people.
Standing for lunch.
Order up.