North Carolina, you are throwing money in the toilet!

                       North Carolina, you are throwing money in the toilet.
As a parent of a child who sees things differently and identifies with LGBT.. this bathroom law is just rotten and should be flushed down.
With forty two thousand dollars of tax payers money spent to push a bill that alienates just about everyone who doesn’t wear blue in the boys room and pink in the girls room.This situation hits deep for commerce in the state.
Boycotts are meant to reject policies and hit where it hurts the most which is financially.
Sadly, you would think after segregation and Jim Crow that things would get better and in 2016 move forward.
For those that live there that are LGBT, I am so very sorry that this has happened.
I am unsure as the why and the phobia that continues in this day and age.
This commode conundrum was passed probably for the governor to get re-elected somehow?
Your fear based law is witless.
It is a shame you are throwing away your own states economy for threat of what?
This human individual right is yes about privacy.
So just shut the door before pointing fingers.