The great toe question.

                              The great toe question.
“This kid in my class has six toes!”
Huh? I replied to my daughter this morning.
 I asked her, “ well, how do you know?"
She then said, ”Someone told me in class that they saw them.”
I wasn’t sure how to take this as I thought..Are kids being curious or cruel?
Thinking back to that age I do remember a kid in my class who was multi-jointed.
He could actually turn his feet around and his knees could go backwards.
At recess we would ask him to show us and we were just fascinated.
I never thought about it as cruel back then just a wow.. I couldn’t do that?
Like can you twirl your tongue, roll your eyes, take out your fake teeth and put back in.. make strange noises?  The list goes on.
A vaudevillian side show of sorts.
Humans are curious.
There are plenty of surprising things in nature, the human body, and its genetic codes.
Could it be a great way to start an ice breaker or an answer at an interview?
“Tell me something interesting about yourself?"
"Well everyone,  I have six toes?"
Most ten year olds would think that cool..but when we are adults there is a tendency to be more guarded about our differences..
It may just make that one- hundredth ice-breaker more interesting.
Curiosity is described as a strange or unusual fact and a desire to learn something new.
I won’t bring it up again in conversation with my daughter as it is not my place to figure out if it is a fact or fiction.
The great toe question is unanswered least for now.