Bug be gone or eaten.

                         Bug be gone or eaten.
Have you ever been on your bike.
Quietly perusing down a hill.
Full of happiness where you are feeling like a kid again.
Moving quickly through the wind.
Not thinking.
And you have your mouth open wide.
And of all things.
A bug is in your path.
And somehow its caught in your mouth.
Everything stops.
The bike,the tires,the moment,and the key here is to get off the bike, jump around like a crazy person and spit.
If its too small I’d imagine its been swallowed.
If its larger and has a hard shell be sure to do this quick!
Who knows if it has a pincher or worse a stinger.
And it sure wouldn’t be fun to find out.
Spring seems quiet, cold and rainy.
There are bugs but not too many in the way.
Summer and warm weather gets people out.
And the bugs in the mouth are a serendipitous event.
Enjoy the bike rides and know that the warmer the weather, the meatier the bug.