Walking the brain.

                         Walking the brain.
Studies show that walking can improve the brain. 
While gym enthusiasts are on the elliptical and fancy machines perusing back and forth...
you can do something that is free. 
The only thing it requires is a good pair of supportive shoes or sneakers.
Walking according to several scientific journals say that 6-9 miles a week can make a difference in keeping the mind sharp.
Its so simple that the many believe the way to good health is hard work, aerobics, and such. 
Your body must feel the burn!
It really is the contrary. 
Companies should have more trails near their office and provide nature walks.
If you work in a city, there are plenty of blocks to move to and fro.
We were born to walk and move.
So take a step out into the world wherever you are.
There is no getting lost as once you’ve felt the mileage on the feet you can turn around.
Your brain will thank you.