Summer Solstice.

                        Summer solstice.
In the winter I crave for a flower shop.
At my local grocery store I peruse through the aisle of bouquets, close my eyes and smell life.
Green. Growth. Color. Fragrance.
The flowers may be from some other country.. but it grew and is colorful with a little help from the sun.
Today we enter the season where I don’t need a flower shop or flowers from the supermarket.
Step into any local woods and its a candy store of earth and green and growth and sun.
The strawberry moon is here today.
This year is especially remarkable according to the science and math guys.
There will be a full moon on the summer solstice.
This hasn’t happened since 1948.
If you have a chance to see the will be sharing the horizon with the sun.
On the longest day of the year with a clear sky and this magic happening, stay outside a little longer if you can.
The smell of honeysuckle permeates throughout and the fireflies start to dance once the sun sets.
Flowers are blooming everywhere.
All this right outside my front door.