Finding balance in the unbalance.

             Finding balance in the unbalance.
Are you born into lucky circumstances?
Or unlucky?
There is truth to environment coupled with genetics.
When you are born you start breathing and can’t do much of anything til the age of 2 or 3.
It is the time of greatest need of others.
When little you don’t understand the complexities of the world, let alone how to microwave mac and cheese or make a sandwich.
Then comes years of school and socializing and meeting needs on how to be a human. 
How to ride a bike.
Pleasure and pain.
Love and jealousy.
Plenty of people that you come to meet can be unfavorable and just plain mean.
You can’t  measure this quality I think until your an adult and you find out that not every person is this way.
They say you just need one good egg or family member to get by.
This could be a sibling, parent, friend, grandparent or neighbor.
Eventually as you grow up you simply get it or not.
Want meanness to stop if its around you.
The best way to do that is to be the one to cut the rope.
Like a raft that is stuck on something.
The raft will eventually lose its buoyancy and be weighed down by an enormous current entangled and stuck.
Sever the rope and the raft will move forward to a voyage it has never been.
Balanced and free to move through lots of water.