Rocky Coast

                       Rocky Coast
I’m not much for lobster eating. 
The hard-shelled monster bug lies low beneath  the cold water of Maine’s rugged coast.
It is a delicacy for many.
Even on the menu at McDonald’s in Maine.
There are no sandy beaches at Owl’s head. 
Nowhere to sit still while the tide furiously rises up and down.
The water is deep.
It is cold and unforgiving.
The sky and sun are strong with bright light and shadows.
You understand the reasoning on why artists flock and settle there for summers.
Climbing the pebbles that range from a size of a quarter to that of a large bus.
Strong ankles and foot balance a must on this coast.
The search for sea glass continues each year as if it is a pearl in a clam shell.
Lobster is there for those that have the finer tastes.
I’ll settle for a perfect Wasses “everything” hot dog when in Maine.
Its like the lobster’s junky long lost cousin that shows up in summer.