What's in the name?

                   What's in the name?
When choosing a pet name many decide that simple is just not going to cut it.
People choose fun.
Maybe its a character from a novel or a a movie.
When you first meet the dog or cat that you adopt from a rescue they usually have a name.
If you are at a loss for a new name sometimes you just keep the old one.
My great aunt has a dog named Mia and couldn’t think of a better name so Mia it was.
Having met her and her personality, it really does fit her.
We have a dog named Fez.
Fez was originally named Blackjack and before that who knows?
I get the q and a from people that Fez is a hat and.. are you a fan of that 70’s show?
Quite frankly I thought of Pez and then placed an F on it instead of a P.
As we walk the dogs in town there are plenty of times we meet and greet pets and ask their name.
There is a terrier that an older woman walks and for some odd reason I had assumed that the dogs
name was Cookie but the owner carefully corrected me and said no this is Diablo!
Well Diablo is way different name then Cookie.
How did I get that wrong I thought?
Lets name it a sweet treat or the devil?
Devil it is.
People love their pets and are proud of their names.
Baby girl and Phoebe are just two dogs that we recently met this summer.
We were also greeted by a friendly calico cat on Monhegan Island in Maine.
She pleasantly walked along side of us through part of a nature trail purring and talking and letting us pet her.
I said, “ Hey look she has a fancy tag on her.. perhaps I can see what her name is?"
I finally crouched down and looked and couldn’t believe my eyes as the inscription said “Murderface"
A passerby smiled and said, “Maybe the owner likes horror novels?"
One could only hope I said and kept walking.