Shopping for carts

                         Shopping for carts.
So your at the grocery store. 
You have a choice.
Two different varieties these days.
You could get the standard large heavy shopping cart that has a folded top for a child or a large purse. 
Or you could choose the double stacker. 
The double stacker is a third of the length of the american standard shopping cart.
The stacker has two compartments as well as a place at the bottom for 3 gallons of milk.
This particularly well =designed cart can make quick sharp turns around the spaciest and slowest of people.
It can also be left by a small corner for a quick walk and grab down the aisle. 
Supermarkets or grocery stores have come a long way. 
With the birth of Walmart and Costco and BJs, markets are no longer small mom and pops.
They are warehouses of super- sized everything.  
Large carts are the well established favorite there.
Need a jar of peanut butter the size of a soccer ball that will last you 10 years?
You got it!
We in this household don’t have a steady flow of freezers in our basement for a 1000 ice cream sandwiches we go to a smaller market.
Aisles in markets are no longer long and thin. 
Many have little sub aisles or what I would call islands.
I’m sure there is a better term but they are places I guess to slow down traffic.
So do I choose the large heavy shopping cart?
Would you choose a Dodge over a Chevy?
Or a Ford over Toyota?
Many people make choices that can be impractical.
It never fails... even if I have a grocery list the size of Santa’s scroll for December 24th.
I choose the new and improved small double stacker. 
I  may pay the price of sticker shock when I get to the register.
And I am fully aware every time that my cart looks similar to 20 clowns in a VW beetle.
But I go the distance.
All goes well unless the register lady says on the PA..
“Please get a new cart for this woman in aisle 17 ! "
 "She has reached the limit.”