There’s a sock store in Sausalito outside of San Fran that is unbelievable. 
A small store that is jammed from floor to ceiling with every kind of sock you can imagine. 
We were across the street when I saw the store and while I couldn’t visually see every form of sock,
I did see blurred bits of bright color. 
That was it! I was excited so we quickly walked the pedestrian crosswalk and got over there. 
Socks ranged in price but were not cheap buy one get one items.  
We managed to get three pairs but the people behind us seemed to be holding 300 hundred dollars worth.
You name it, stripes, solids, prints, quotes and Unicorns.
A plethora of the unthinkable was wearable.
If you are a sock lover, this place would fill your fancy.
The concept is the best too.
Sell one thing and sell it well.
And that’s just it, socks.
They even had nostalgia 2016 election socks of Clinton and Trump.
Both included bits of strange doll hair.
They were creepy.
All aside, the blurs of bright colors brought me there.
And now we are three socks richer.