A tourist, a wanderer, or an explorer.

                                         A tourist, a wanderer, or an explorer?
I like cities.
I like travel.
We aren’t far from NYC so I go as much as I can.
I’ve been asked where I live in the city sometimes.
I find that flattering.
Perhaps I try to blend in and hide any source of maps.
New York is a simple grid, so if you happen to go up one block or down, the numbers get higher or lower.
Plenty of ways to find what your looking for.
Lately, I had been taking the bus to get there.
It was economical but I had less control of timing.
So now I’ll drive to Jersey and take the train.
I think after going to Broadway to see shows and people on the bus telling me how great Andrew Lloyd Webber is just did me in.
There's that joke about Cats the musical and how people would say they love it and would see it again and again and again.
The more I explore the metropolis, the more I learn.
Simple stuff really and just plain common sense.
Here are my top things that I have learned while being an ahem.. a wanderer  or (tourist).
First and foremost, don’t step in the puddles in the cities.
Yes, puddles can be fun but when you have no idea what the puddle is and how it was made, just walk around it.
Second, know that once you get there, you will stand in a line.
That is for….. the bathroom,broadway, buying food,restaurants, tickets and for a cab, bus or uber.
Third.. the drips of water you feel coming down on your head is from a water tower, not rain. Try to move away from it.
I saw droves of people once pretending like it was a magical
spritz of enlightenment at Times Square. Nope. Its perspiration of the unknown.
No. 4 ..a  good burger or sandwich will cost 20-30$.
its okay.. its better then watching the musical Cats for sure.
Fifth piece of advice. Wear good walking shoes. You will walk miles. Most times about 3-7. You can  get a cab or bus or uber but
you will still walk quite a bit. There are no golf carts.
You can't eat your food in a golf cart or large motorized anything.
Lastly, and most importantly, you will hear the word “fuck you” on any block.. at any given time of the day.
It can be at a restaurant or a fancy play.
If one New yorker pushes in front of another, you’ll definitely hear it.
It is a kind way of saying your not paying attention or your not aware of your surroundings..
I think it also means snap out of it.. get a move on, your one of many and enjoy your day in this big city.
I’ll keep exploring and am content with the cursing.
It is exactly what people would say about the musical Cats.
I love it and would see it again and again and again.
Just don’t go jumping in any puddles.