Ice cream and white pants.

                                       Ice Cream and white pants.                                             
Summer is over. 
No more sunny long days where the heat of your cushions in the car sticks to your skin.
No more tans unless a tanning bed.
White pants are looked down upon after Labor day.
Do you forgo ice cream on a cone and switch to pumpkin pie?
I have seen pumpkin lattes and pumpkin oreo flavored cookies in the heat of august.
The craft store had halloween everything.
Who wants to carve pumpkins that will rot and wash down a hot cider latte while your in a sauna?
There is a high probability that white pants are more then half off everywhere.
But they don’t mark down ice cream unless the freezers are broke.
You know why?
It goes with cake and celebrations.
And can be used as a stress reducer for some humans late into the night.
My favorite memory of eating ice cream was not on a hot summer day in the heat.
It was actually 19 degrees in the winter in Waterbury, Vermont.
They were having a winter festival at the Ben and Jerry’s factory with outdoor tents.
Happy people bundled in fancy outerwear were handing out free samples of new try out varieties of flavors.
The air was cold and clean and you could see your warm breath as a fog of life.
The flavor I was given was white chocolate pretzel ice cream with a hint of peppermint.
It was perfection.
Sadly,  it made its way to the cutting room floor as I never saw it in quarts at the grocery store.
Ice cream is for all seasons cold and warm.
And for that matter, so are white pants.