Postcard of last week.

                      A postcard of last week.
I have been to San Francisco three times. 
As a small child, I remember believe it or not... just curtains and hills. 
Like the 1980s fancy TV show, Hotel. 
It was the most lavish place I had been to.
Long swooping blue satin curtains and a large chandelier.
Thats all I remember in that moment.
 I visited as a graduate student in my 20s. 
There were a group of us that went as part of a painting class.
Our teacher wanted us to see her old haunts, meet Squeak Carnwath and see her large studio full of art work.
We had time to see art shows, camp out at Dillion beach and venture out to San Jose.
Third trip ..I went just two weeks ago. 
What do I remember with this trip?
The Pacific Coast highway is still swirly twirly a amusement ride that I needed to get off of.
I rolled down the windows to get air and smelled eucalyptus trees.
A bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge was noisy and colorful.
Staying steady through the three miles of congestion, we went up and down hills till entering the town of Sausalito. 
It was quiet. 
The sea air and the sound of the gulls.
I kept pedaling.
A picture postcard.
With each time I go something always new to remember.
Hills,curtains,trees,cable cars and swirls of fog.
Plenty more to see in this city by the bay.