Lights and festives for all of us

                                          Lights and festives for us.
The dreaded darkness is upon us.
I believe practicality matters most.
As the use of extra lights in the house and those that surround
it are helpful when there is less sun to encircle us .
We can decorate and light up everything.
Make things sparkly and shiny until we get through the cold dark nights of winter.
I live with the four seasons.
Each one has the good and the bad.
And yet they are all over within 4 months.
Chatter of weather is appropriate to neighbors
when you don’t want to talk about politics or religion.
Deciduous plants fade quietly at this time and leaves fall fervently
with nothing left but a shadowed skeleton.
What else is there to do but bring an evergreen tree into a house and decorate it?
I’d imagine it was a practical idea to many in history.
Take a live tree, cut it down, wrap it and somehow get it into your house.
Then trim accordingly and decorate with your favorite hanging tchotchkes galore.
Tinsel y’all? Or garland or strands of pearls?
Blinking white lights or multi-colored wrap arounds.
Each tree has a life or had a life of its own.
You also can go get a processed plastic one that you can box up every year.
The iconic tree of trees is dated back as far as the Vikings.
Its identified by many cultures and religions.
And is without a doubt a common debate within some sacred religions.
Is it a christmas tree or a holiday tree or a simple evergreen tree?
This unbridled emotion towards the ownership of the evergreen
 in the house in winter is not met without controversy.
Each year somehow and usually media driven ...hear ye... hear ye!!
paints a portrait of the awfulness of marketing.
It comes up bubbling like a volcano.
As the volcano can remain quiet for years
 and bubbles with heat ... then eventually blows..
I’m not much on debating which is the right or wrong. 
There are sides to each story.
Earth has been around for sometime now.
Nature is not driven by opinions or emotions. 
It cycles and moves.
The fact is the sun is not around that much these days where I live .
And I have the greatest of ideas!
Go to a farm with live evergreen trees, cut it down,
 wrap it and somehow get it into the house.
Trim accordingly and decorate with lights and tchotchkes.
And if I see my neighbors while doing so, I’ll chatter about the weather.
Its always changing you know, living and surrounding myself with the four seasons.
The sun will rotate back soon.