Silence of the ham.

                         Silence of the ham.
A first in a feast of meatless meals.  As a graduate student I had the opportunity to be invited to a potluck thanksgiving dinner.
There were twenty of us..maybe more who couldn’t afford the travel arrangements in flight to get back to our bloodline relatives.
Effy who was one of the graduate students who invited as many as she could to her rented house.
There was no effort in specific food just to negate meat ( many were vegetarian)
Somehow trust in what people would bring was important.
We knew that she would make two greek dishes, spanakopita and baklava.
A potluck dinner would be served on a table with moving chairs.
No set arrangement.
No obligations.
No guilt.
Most everyone came and brought something different to the table.
I’d have to say for the tradition that people look forward to and provide for, this was by far a favorite thanksgiving.
A mesh of cultures and mixes of people from everywhere.
Thrown together to eat a meal and converse and be present.
I liked this idea and will continue the tradition this year with my own brood.
There is no sticking to turkey or ham or creamed corn.
Have a potluck.
Mix it up.
I don’t think the pilgrims of long past mind that much.
Nor does the turkey that your own family pardons.