Rain and a high of 38.

                              Rain and a high of 38.
Our winters have become more mild. 
I’m unsure the common opinions of the majority in the Mid-Atlantic states.
Wind, rain, and damp coldness now covers us for 8-12 weeks.
It is dark due to the sun’s rotation as well as the absurd no longer useful time change.
Snow does make everything clean and quiet for a day or two.
It also creates havoc and fear amongst those that can’t drive in it.
Make a snowman out if it for sure.
But it has to be the perfect temperature to sculpt.
Not too mushy and not too fluffy.
In a perfect world a storm or two is okay.
It provides monetary value to those that have snow equipment.
Snow blowers get sold out as well as shovels.
But if the snow keeps coming... our town becomes disgruntled in the madness of parking spots.
Every year lawn chairs, old furniture, and diaper boxes get placed out front in parking spots that people have
carefully shoveled and sculpted, all to then be taken by out local township as it is “public parking” not “saved”.
I’ll hope for one snow this winter.
I’m okay with wind, rain, and a high of 38.
One snowman a year is fine with me.
I might even have him standing with a lawn chair and a corn- cob pipe.
All while watching my parking spot until he melts.