Seeds and Catalogues.

                         Seeds and catalogues.

Even though winter is in its full swing with darkness, snow, and quiet, I am pleasantly reminded that a new season will be upon us in a few months.
How you wonder?
Seed Catalogue of course.
These magazine get sent to my house as I have purchased seeds in the past.
Some seed packsI have gotten at a discount are in the refrigerator to help with viability.
People may not have the patience to start with something so small...
Seeds can look like the wind could place it on a journey across to the other coast.
If they really like your climate and cultivating soil, they become friends that multiply and
move around.
Poppy seeds are the first to go into the ground.
March 1st is the best time.
Even if there is some snow on the ground, you can still move through the soil and place them
gently in a place that gets full sun.
They won’t disappoint come June.
The dainty tissue paper petals are born from different colors.
Poppies only bloom for one day and don’t enjoy being cut or placed in a vase.
Calendulas, cosmos, zinnias, alyssum, and nasturtiums all want to wait until
around mother’s day to be planted.
You can collect as many seeds as you want.
With patience ..most seed packets provide something very different then the purchase
of the already made plant.
There are plenty of seeds to choose and they take up no real space except for your