Ergonomic transport

                        Ergonomic transport.
We are a world of shapes and sizes. Height ranges of varying degrees.
Everything we do whether riding a bike, driving a car, sitting on a plane or couch requires that
we are comfortable in some way.
In order to get a happy medium, an average height is tested in many things,
Comfort class can come with extra leg room….
Seats in a car move up and down and back and forth to help in getting the rightness of comfort
and the zone of which to see through the windows, push the pedal, and go.
There are even conveyer belts at our supermarket of varying height.
Most are in the height range of the average person and two are not at my market.
In many cases when the market is busy, I can find my way to the two lines that are for what I would
say a person with way more vertical exposure then me.
I carefully place my groceries on what looks like the height of a bar.
By the time I get to the front of the register, I move the payment kiosk down towards my eyesight as
its like everything.. adjustable.
The cashier is usually at least 6 ‘2 or over.
These two registers provide an ergonomic balance for their height all while being usable
for anyone of varying heights to move about with ease and pay.
A lot of times the aisle is empty.
I’m unsure if the height of the belt in comparison to other belts steers people away or
is it the height of the human being behind the register intimidates them.
As many times as I’ve been told how short I am, I’d imagine that when you aren’t the average
height people love to tell you whether too short or too tall.
Sometimes not everyone will see eye to eye but thats what makes the human body so amazing.
You can tilt your head to look up or down and the eyes can adjust and you speak and
communicate on any level.
Its not an ergonomic problem, its about the adjustment and the accessibility of accepting
the difference and being okay with it.
To some this is a challenge and to others its just an open aisle to pay for groceries whatever height you are.