A whale of a tale.

                                A whale of a tale.
I have a restorative yoga class I go to most friday mornings. 
Susan calls it supervised babysitting.
We as a group slowly move towards the wake up and consciously take care of our physical and mental selves.
Yes, that is the full hour and a half focus. 
There can be a theme that is mixed with seasons or the moon.
Sometimes we work on specific places like the hips, head, or psoas.
She begins by reading an excerpt of prose, lights incense... all while music is surreptitiously sent to our ears.
At times we are asked to choose from a plate of rocks or crystals.
In choosing this, she usually sees what we are accepting and knows the stones in relation to us.
This week I chose a stone similar to another woman that brought up similar words.
The stone was to be thrown in the middle to say what we were offering to the world during the full strawberry moon.
I said fun and she said laughter.
Usually these blessings or call outs don’t happen immediately, it just what we desire for ourselves.
The chosen rocks were both fiery, feisty rocks that are swirls of movement and change. 
I accept this and am open to the possibilities.
The key is to go in there without judgment, show up and be present.
There’s a whale of a tale with each class, all are different.
And the simple act of throwing a rock towards what you want for yourself is intentional and powerful.