Newsworthy nothingness

                      Newsworthy nothingness.

Not long ago.. people got their news from the newspaper.
Every morning while brewing their coffee, the daily information came from a physical piece of inked up crumpled paper.
News was daily within a 24 hour cycle.
TV was next in line. 
People would watch the evening news and to be a anchor person was a serious powerful position.
Once the internet was established, things got a lot quicker.
Hourly, then minute to minute and second to second.
You could spend the whole day googling info about news.
Breaking news, twitter feeds, and daily doses of experts opinions.
Now at least here in my house the newspaper is usually not a source of reading but a source of starting a barbecue.
Today's news moves through the popularity of an idea that once it hits the masses its over.
I don't much follow the news.
I know it exists and yes no matter what I do I have a phone so
I do get a feed ....Most times its a fear that a friend may post or an opinion but not a fact. 
No facts, just opinions.
I love good narratives, stories that eventually have resolve, good or bad.. 
Right now I feel like its all sour news.
The many talking heads of today, just floating and moving in space with nowhere to go.