Barbecue must and must nots.

                        Barbecue must and must nots...
It’s the heat of July and nearly everyone in your area has a cookout.
Neighbors, family, and friends partake in grilling and chilling.
Whether your a smoked or barbecue connoisseur...
Maybe you like just simple burgers and hot dogs..
Or fancy fish and crab seasoning on your fries.
Usually, someone brings a side of macaroni or potato salad..
And  of course paper plates and plastic utensils are essential.
For me on at least one occasion, part of my task to a cookout was to get just that. Plastic utensils and paper plates.
I purchased the items and as I was placing them onto their designated spots at the table, I became excited as if I had hit a jackpot!
In the mist of the plastic forks, spoons, and knives, I found an unusual utensil..
It became clear to me that it was a spork.
I assumed it either a mistake or a bonus of sorts like the toy you get at the bottom of a cracker jack box.
Its not exactly a spoon or a fork..
It has the shape of a spoon with some indentation enough to pick up some things.
In any case, there was only one spork…and many forks, spoons, and knives..
I’d imagine if you mistakenly chose this for your macaroni or potato
could very well eat just fine.
But the majority of people would probably come back to exchange it for a that is how we were raised to eat.
Cultures are different and many use simply their hands to eat everything..
I was amused by the surprise of the spork in the box and never saw one again after that barbecue.
I’m unsure if they continue to make them or they are an endangered plastic wear of sorts.
Grapefruit lovers of the world would find the nonconformity utensil useful to their edible goals.