Summer's edge.

                                                         Summer's edge.
There is only two and a half weeks left of summer.
School will begin early. 
I'm reminded of the cadence of the day to day pace that will begin for my kids (and everyone else's.)
Some will begin sending children off to kindergarten while others will be feeling the pain of college and dorms and futons and large bills. 
But back to summer. 
What can be learned from the days off?
Maybe you were sent to Camp Idlewoods for the entire summer?
....or your parents couldn't afford it so it was a free for all with the neighborhood gang.
The daily day of summer was centered in our neighborhood with the beginnings of a make your own bowl of cereal..
Then a plethora of kids to play with at our second court valley brook row home.
There was a pool to get to with no helicopter parenting..
Plenty of time was spent scrounging for change for vending machines and the ice cream truck. 
There were woods and a creek and fireflies to catch. 
Out til dark and back at the next day.
No uniforms ...just whatever was clean. 
Mid-august was a bummer. 
Homework was coming soon and sitting at a desk.
Our school had huge windows that faced the local farmers property.
By the time we got back in September, the corn was high and the sky blue.
I’d stare out into the field and think of that summer.
It’s last exhale and this years harvest.