As seen from life in a fishbowl.

                              As seen from life in a fishbowl.
Lately, I’ve been thinking about swimming in circles.
Jumping into a big bowl of water or ….an olympic size pool and just floating and moving back and forth.
I have no phone and no program to tell me how many strokes I’ve done or where my destination is..
There is no distinct thought.
I imagined getting a fish.
I never told anyone my idea, I figured I would clean out one of the large cylinders I have in the window...and instead of plants, place a fish in the bowl and see if anyone would notice.
Somehow, this weekend my daughter either read my mind or had her own thought ..
While out with her friend to one of the local pet stores she came back and at first tried the idea of a lizard..
That idea was replaced with her second choice, a fish.
So on sunday morning, I cleaned out the bowl and off we went to the pet store.
It was busy with the usual regular customers and their cute small dogs with costumes in line.
We walked back and forth and looked at all the tanks of fish.
Each tank had a description of the “personalty” of the fish and how many gallons of water you would need.
The large bug -eyed goldfish looked so cool but it needed 30 gallons of water to survive so it was a no to that.
We continued looking for stuff to decorate the fishbowl and right above the decor we saw a shelf of “beta” fish.
Given the description of personality as well as the.." will do in a small tank”, I told her to choose from one of those fish.
There were plenty of fancy fish to choose...
She went ahead and picked one of the smallest betas they had.. a runt of sorts that was ultramarine blue.
We bought her and decided to name her Mrs. Jax.
Somehow fish can be good luck.
One fish in a bowl is said to represent new beginnings in feng sui.
I must admit that it very much seems to fit the times.
With our oldest kid learning to drive, our middle kid riding his bike to school, and our youngest walking home
with her friends, new beginnings are indeed  here.
As seen from life in a fishbowl... continuing to deep dive,
 all while watching Mrs. Jax swim in circles.