Big hair and the Class of 1985

                            Big hair and the Class of 1985.
There is a woman in town who drives a very small car, you know the kind that is teeny tiny and probably could drive to Florida with only one fill up.
What is striking is not the car, but the amount of space that is taken up by her hair.
Its amazing and seems to fill the empty space within the car and has a life of its own.
I look back to my own history and I do remember the days of big hair.
You could really see the trend in 1985.
I was a freshman in high school and recently got a part-time mall job.
I had friends who worked with me that were seniors and that entire class was fixated on making sure they had an extra foot of height from their tresses.
The hair was big and the jeans were tight and faded and every single party had the band Bad Company blasted over the stereo.
Its amazing the effort put forth and the amount of hair product used back then.
I never got a look at Big hair and her license plate,
but I imagine she’s got “Class of 85” somewhere  on the vehicle all while blasting Bad Company’s Shooting Star.