History of a chaperone.

                        History of a chaperone.
Dear Mrs. Schamis,
Thank you for letting us pet the sharks and stingrays!
My mom would would not let me do that only if I had nitrile gloves on..or..if I washed my hands for 20 minutes.

This is a real thank you note that I received in 2014 for being a chaperone for the Camden Aquarium.
We had plenty of free time and although the cost of admission was paid for there was an extra fee to place your hands in the frigid water and touch the barbless stingrays and sharks.
Usually if I have cash in my pocket, I feel its sheer luck…. so I assumed that the kids would be as excited as I was.
Aquariums and Zoos and brown bag lunches.
Grade school is now in the past but the thank you cards are still with me. I pulled open a forgotten drawer to clean and remembered the moment.
Proud to be the crazy mother with cash that let the kids feel the ocean life.
When will you ever pet a shark or stingray?