The Quack Business

                         The quack business
I've had plenty of little business cards over the years to give people ideas on what I draw or paint. 
With all the cool printing companies out there, choosing one image at times wasn't enough. 
I'd fret and fret over this and that and what should I give people.
Sometimes I would set them out in groups to see what everyone would choose. 
There was never one image that was more catchy then another but I think having done so many I've realized that simplicity is best. 
Simple image,simple name, and where to find me.
This duck is an example of what I want to do more of and even larger.
People still have a choice when I hand out a business card to them.
They still get to pick a color.
Just like Josef Albers said.."if one says"red" and there are 50 people listening, it can be expected that there will be 50 reds in their minds. "