Rain is wet.

                        Rain is wet.
It is my belief that a large group of the population hate the rain. 
Rain signals no sun. 
Its wet and many don’t want to get wet.
You have to carry an umbrella.
If you love your hair done up real fancy..then forget it if it comes into contact with humidity.
I for one like the rain. 
I’m not saying that I would enjoy it in Seattle but.. 
Rain means raindrops.
Raindrops fill holes and holes make puddles.
Puddles mirror the earth and sky like a fluid organic mirror.
Moments to capture.
Mist makes bokeh and blurry colors of drops.
Its magical.
I used to think my high school art teacher Mr. Sabatino was crazy for taking us out in the rain
all to admire the puddles and spilled car oil that turned into shiny rainbows on the asphalt.
Gene Kelly danced in the rain fantastically.
You can’t control the weather
So you mise well step into puddles.
They only stay til the sun drinks them back up.