A dog named Sweetsie.

                        A dog named Sweetsie.
Before dog rescues.. the only ways to get a dog were to either go to a pet store or 
go to a breeder that would have some sort of pure bred to purchase.
Our first family dog as a child was a pure bred airedale named Heidi.
While Heidi was great with us kids she however was not good with strangers.
My parents weren’t interested in walking her in those days.
So she was chained up in the back of the yard and on occasion would bite people.
This is a no no to chain up a dog now and it is your responsibility to walk a dog.
We had Heidi til she was ten.
My parents weren’t ready for another puppy just yet and had been given the opportunity...to meet Teddy.
Teddy was a two year old Lhasa Apso and cute as they come.
Teddy had been moved from place to place as no one had time for Teddy.
Somehow my parents were suckered into thinking this dog would work at our house.
While Teddy was adorable... my parents weren’t the dog rehabilitation kind.
Teddy left us in one month then went to the neighbors and then another set of neighbors.. 
What dog did work out as a giveaway junkyard mutt was my Nana’s dog Sweetsie.
Sweetsie was a mix of everything.. she had grey and black hair and an overbite only 
a mother could love.
She was given to my Nana as the neighbor couldn’t take care of her in the way she needed.
My grandmother enjoyed Sweetie’s company and it was a perfect excuse for her 
to leave early at any signature event as she had to let the dog out or feed her.
Sweetsie lived to be 14. 
I think in part it was because of my Nana’s care taking skills coupled with the fact that the dog was a mutt...
Early on before the dog rescues there were giveaway dogs.
And sometimes it was a perfect match.