How to freeze an egg in a minute.

                       How to freeze and egg in a minute.
So we Mid-Atlantic peeps do get cold weather in winter. 
Usually a few 20 degree days followed by a most likely cycle of winter 
being 38 and rainy.
Given that todays forecast in the morning registered at 9 degrees, I’d take 38 and rainy any day...
Its been bitter for a week now and isn’t getting better.
The roads are covered like a giant salt lick.
I’m wearing a hat while inside the house ready to ski and skate right outside my door.
Yes, winter is here and we all know if you live in the four seasons, there will always be something
to complain about. 
There is heat and there is humidity, then rain and fog and wind, then this..
A frozen tundra where just about everything sleeps til Spring.
I can’t even think about the groundhog.
I’m sure he is resting snug and getting fed so they 
can pull him out next month to tell us how much winter 
is left.
I’ll admit that I don’t want to cook an egg in the summer heat nor
freeze one in winters' deep frost.