The merits of teeth

                                     The merits of teeth.
Several years ago we went to the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. 
They had a show of skeletons that were dug up from the late 1700s when many were over here living in lower Maryland.
My fascination was that sugar cane had become popular with many that could very well 
afford it but this was before the modern day fix of antibiotics and dentists.
Many died from infections of the teeth usually brought on by too much sugar and there was no way to stop the 
bacteria from thriving and eating the bone.
I’m gonna bet that most of us rarely take enjoyment out of going to get our teeth cleaned,cavities filled,root canals, crowns or biting down on
the cardboard from hell for the X-rays.
But.. teeth are essential and vital.
Chewing our food and the whole process of eating helps when you have teeth that work.
Going to the dentist is essential but costly and many who are impoverished have limited opportunity to get 
what they need…. so they end up getting them pulled and have dentures.
Common thought is if you have a nice smile, you are healthy. 
Its one of those things that is judged whenever you go to meet someone new or have an interview or speak in front of an audience.
Its amazing that its only been about 100 years of dentistry.
The many merits of teeth for eating and laughter keep many a dentist smiling all the way to the bank.