There is never one mouse in the house.

                                        There is never one mouse in the house.
The common house mouse isn't a mouse that really enjoys staying indoors. They live out in the fields and forests and forage mostly to their content until the dreaded winter.
Mice can crawl and chew their way into just about anything.
If you see droppings or a scurry furry long tale, you know you have more then one.
A female mouse matures at the tender age of two months and can produce up to 100 descendants within a year.
Even a housecat that is a real hunter is going to take a breather from that steady supply.
Many people fear them as mice contain lots of diseases.
There are have a heart traps and sticky traps and mousetraps.
Apparently cheese is not their go to..they would rather chew on grain,cereal, and chocolate cake.
We get at least one furry family once a year no matter what we do and usually I head to the store to get traps.
I commonly hear whomever checking me out at the register say a large ewwww! Gross! I hate those things!
If the mouse is the worst thing to find in the house in the winter, you'd be sure the snake is the evil twin sister of finds in the summer.