Gato Loco.

Gato loco.While walking the dogs the other night, we came upon a couple that were across the street gesturing and looking down and petting what looked to be a small dog on a leash.
They kept trying to make eye contact at us and seemed friendly, yet within seconds while watching their mannerisms
and that of the four-legged furry creature.. the answer was clear.
The dog was not a dog.
It was a cat.
Our dogs have become accustomed to chasing the local wild cats out of the yard.
At one point last year, one of the local whiskers with claws decided to jump out of the bushes and attack
our dog Wyatt..a 65 pound shepherd/collie mix.
So in order to save Wyatt’s face, we quickly crossed the street away from the cat walking couple.
They seemed bewildered and unhappy with the action.
They looked as if they needed a playdate for their feline.
If you have ever heard the saying, “its like herding cats”, it means its near impossible to do so.
I’m sure there are other couples that would identify with their justification.
They could easily make some sort of page on social media that would express the needs of
the walking cats.
For now, I’m limited on time and enjoy walking just dogs, thank you. I never turn down a cat who wants to be petted without a harness.