Paint simplified.

                       Paint simplified
Imagine painting with paint, linseed oil, and turpentine…ventilation is fans and some open sky windows.
When there came a point that one of my paintings seemed somewhat successful,my teachers would
light a cigarette to enjoy the moment and critique it.
This was not unusual in art school in the late 1980s. 
However, time changes many things.
I’m sure that the new studios these days at school are equipped with proper ventilation everywhere as well as stern “No smoking signs.” 
I’m a non-smoker but admit that when the teachers did this, it was like being given a gold medal of achievement.
I don’t use oils anymore.
I turned to the ease of acrylics.
They were fast and dried quick and many layers could happen.
Golden has these new tubes of acrylic paint called “open”.
What’s exciting about these paints is while they are still acrylic they take awhile to dry.
They are thick and luscious to work with much like oils.
Sometimes just moving the color around with thick brushes and not knowing what is next works.
Its just like being in nursery school and there are no limits to the ideas.
There is a steady flow and whatever you do with your brush and color is acceptable. 
There are no rules and no explanations on what to do.
No one telling you to paint something real.
Paint something that is you. 
Continue this for life.