The fine art of baking a potato

The fine art of potato baking. Way back in middle school I had home economics. Home Economics is now called family consumer science. This class is designed to help you with the simple tasks such as cooking and sewing. Cooking and preparing food to eat is essential. Learning recipes shows you how to make something delicious with few ingredients. Usually, it involves mixing and maybe cracking an egg or using an oven. This class may help with things that you wouldn’t necessarily do on your own. Like for instance using a microwave. Microwaves are designed to burn popcorn, heat up coffee and make lean cuisines.. A few months ago I asked one of my kids about what they did that day. My middle one replied..I made a baked potato. Okay I thought.. perhaps he made something out of it or talked about the nutritional value of a potato..or that there were many ways to use a potato.. Nope, he said..all we did was stick the baked potato in the microwave and pressed, “baked potato”. We couldn’t stop laughing. Has takeout become so prevalent that the actual art of baking anything become extinct?