Scribbley bee bop boo..

Scribbley bee bop boo.. Before I took art classes of any kind or identified myself as an artist, I was a scribbler..a doodler.. I would spend my idle and bored out of my mind times in school with a pen and paper. Usually far enough away from the teacher to look involved. I’d draw my own cartoons of my friends or the teacher with the lazy eye or the big hair Pam Walls was wearing that day. I would gently move the paper around to whom was sitting next to me and get a laugh. This was the best part. I can’t remember much of the sitting at the desk time to “study” or learn whatever they were lecturing about. I wanted a laugh and that is usually what I got. My reputation was a bit of a troublemaker. Someone who was much more interesting in completing a dare that a friend would give me. I scribble still. On the phone or in meetings. They say you listen better when you scribble. Doodling seems to aid memories and keep you going. Here is my doodle of the week.