Shopping Cart Central.

Shopping cart central. The house is very full lately and in effort to maximize space, there is a purge happening. A room being divided so three teens in the house have their own privacy. Papers are being discarded and unusable things. Sometimes, an old story can emerge and now be quite the laugh. In 2008 there was a new store opening in the gateway shopping center. Most times I took the two youngest with me as the oldest was in a 2 hr preschool. Savannah was a baby and Levi a toddler. Levi loved grasping and holding onto the edge of the shopping cart. Most shopping carts are heavy enough to withstand that. He liked going for a ride on the side of the cart from time to time while we walked the aisles. Savannah could not walk just yet so she was always seated in the top part. I figured that going to this new market would be an adventure that may even garner some new snack or and easy frozen meal that I could place in the oven. We got there and it was crowded.. I noticed that the aisles were smaller and that the shopping carts were as well. This did not discourage me and I placed Savannah in the cart and imagined that Levi would just walk. I forgot about his having fun cart thing and as I went to reach for a bag of something within a split second..bang!! Levi had pulled onto the cart and quickly flipped it over on top of him with Savannah in it. Never had I seen so many people in hawaiian shirts come running towards me with gasps on their faces. I pulled Levi out from under the cart and checked Savannah to see if they were both okay. I felt horrible about it happening and the employees seemed freaked enough.. The kids were unharmed and they got my name and number and within a week I received a letter. Lets just say that I didn’t feel the mother of the year award was coming my way but I had forgotten and forgiven myself within that week as the kids were fine and then... was soon reminded of my mishap with my “minor” children. The letter states that they were sorry for the unpleasant incident and that through telephone conversation with me, I was not wishing to pursue a claim. File and case closed. They told me if there was any medical costs that the policy limit was $2500.00 and that the bodily injury claim expires on their 21st birthday. 10 years later and they no longer can fit into any shopping cart, I couldn’t help but chuckle and was reminded of those days where you needed eyes in the back of your head.