Balance with or without.

With the new year here, the whole how to fix this and that about your physical and mental self is in full swing. 
Marketing the “how to” eat better, sleep better, be a better parent, get off social media, get more sleep or more exercise. Here’s more statistics on why you get that and why you get this. 
Reasons and more reasons for help and please buy this cause it’s gonna get rid of that.
I sure do like living in the moment and getting more sleep and eating better and you know that thing called living in perfect balance.
Reality is sometimes that doesn’t happen. If I had to some up balance in life I’d think it as absurd as balancing pancakes on a sharks head.
I’m no guru and have no thought on the how to do this and that other then to wing it as I go through the waves ... like a shark balancing a stack of pancakes.